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The Autism and Mental Health Initiative of Central New York is a collaborative effort between families, individuals, and family-focused agencies to raise awareness of the mental health needs of autistic people and create access to appropriate mental health care resources.

Autistic Mental Health

Autism is not a mental illness.

Autistic people can and do experience mental illnesses. People with related developmental disabilities can also experience mental illnesses. The lack of understanding of the mental health needs of this population leads to a breakdown in support and service delivery. The lives and the mental health of autistic people and their families matter enough to provide the right services and supports.

What We Do

Increased communication and coordination between state agencies, health care providers, mental health care providers, social services, schools, and nonprofit agencies can provide better care and support to families and individuals. We’re working to make those connections across agencies and providers that will benefit families and individuals in need of services and support.

Families and individuals are encouraged to join our AMI CNY Facebook group for support and information. The group is for parents, caregivers, autistic individuals, and professionals who want to drive change in the Syracuse/CNY area for child psychiatry and mental health services.

What You Can Do

Use and follow our hashtags on social media to raise awareness and show support for appropriate mental health care resources for everyone in our community.





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